Here is a simple example of a Gaussian input for geometry optimization using effective core potentials and implicit solvent.

#P b3lyp/GenECP opt scf=(tight,MaxCycle=500) pop=full iop(6/7=3) gfinput gfoldprint gfprint EmpiricalDispersion=GD3 SCRF=(PCM,Solvent=Acetonitrile)

Ir complex with B3LYP

1 1
  Ir        0.5935160        0.0000110       -0.0000510
  H       -0.0408700        1.7889610        2.4865060

C N H S 0
Ir     0

Ir     0

Pay attention to the two empty lines at the end.
Here is also a SLURM submission script.

#SBATCH -J opt
#SBATCH --ntasks-per-node=20
#SBATCH -p compute
#SBATCH --mem=42G
#SBATCH --constraint beegfs

module use /usr/license/modulefiles
module load gaussian
export g16root=/usr/license/gaussian
source $g16root/g16/bsd/g16.profile
export TMPDIR=/public/`hostname -s`/scratch/tmp/$LOGNAME.$$
mkdir $TMPDIR

g16 < ir_opt.inp > ir_opt.log

rm -rf $TMPDIR